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PayPense was able to secure a high six-figure sum in a seed round concluded in November 2020.

The startup NTC AG, founded in February 2020, sells an expense solution under the name PayPense, which makes it possible to avoid financial advance payments by employees. “Although business trips are and will continue to be very limited due to Corona, it is all the more important to adapt the corresponding processes now and to prepare for the future,” says Christopher Hecht. PayPense is also an application for the payment and purchase of services on the Internet. “We go further than existing solutions. A purchase on the Internet does not end with the payment. For seamless processes, companies need verified and complete receipts and electronic data for all purchases across all platforms,” adds Hecht. The founders Christopher Hecht and Andreas Eichler were recently able to gather a high six-figure sum in their first round of financing. They did not disclose the exact amount.

Capital for growth, development and expansion.

With the fresh capital, the Bamberg-based startup wants to venture further expansion and product development and launch additional features.
“We are very pleased to have experienced business angels and investors on board, who through their expertise will help us realise our mission to make the world of payment and billing easier and faster for major customers,” says Christopher Hecht