Carbon footprint reporting *

Sustainability is the responsibility of the decade. Corporations are increasingly charged with tracking and reducing their carbon footprint across all business functions, including travel.

PayPense can accommodate this requirement via the combination of breakthrough automation and validated emission reporting.


PayPense calculates the full greenhouse gas emissions of all travel bookings and payments made via PayPense open platform. It also provides a personal CO2 footprint report.

The calculation of the carbon footprint on a product or service consumed is based on the PCF calculation model in the PayPense system for GHGP scope 3 emissions.

* coming soon


PayPense collects the full CO2 emissions of all payments and travel bookings made via PayPense.


You will receive a detailed overview of your carbon footprint based on the collected data.


Reduce your carbon footprint by investing in offset projects of your choice. Or let PayPense do it for you.