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Payment & Expense

We support your employees with
money whenever it is needed.

We’ve built PayPense to give your company the flexibility and control it needs to effectively manage these expenses while providing employees with the confidence and simplicity they need to efficiently complete the task at hand, be it across the street from headquarters or while visiting a client on another continent.

Budgets for individualsemployee groups or cross-functional departments can be defined and tracked in terms of account, duration and/or occasion.

If one centralized account scenario works best for your company, PayPense can accommodate that will newfound detail that holds the promise of uncovering savings opportunities.


No more missing invoices.

The digitization of invoices has opened new horizons for spend management. PayPense seizes upon the possibilities with unique, unmatched technology to support your company’s expense management goals.

A receipt is captured for each payment, with follow-up digitizationand checking that is compliant with country-specific requirements.

Employees using PayPense’s standard procure can capture receipts with their mobile devices or simply forward them to a centralized mailbox dedicated to your company. This includes handwritten receipts – all striving to the goal of capturing 100% of your company’s B2B, travel and expense receipts.

Lates product innovation

You need more convenience? Discover our “no payment experience” – with your connection to more than 10.000 online platforms in the world like Uber.Deutsche Bahn.Apple.Google.Amazon.SNCF.Typeform.GitHub.

We will make sure, that we take the hassle away from your travelmarketingfleetremoteofficehr

departments, – and feed those receipt automatically into PayPense.

Open platform

Integrate your preferred suppliers.

PayPense’s Open Platform offers unparalleled connections to the vast network of suppliers and partners your company engages with. We leverage the secure global capacity and strength of the Microsoft Azurecloud platform infrastructure, including its APIs and micro-services.

Our core platform can accommodate all of your existing providers; our plug-and-play set up was designed with this scenario in mind. This forward-thinking architecture ensures your transition will be seamless to both management and employees.

PayPense also enables real-time digital processing of commercial cards and payments as well as travel booking portals, expense management systems and more.


Easy travel expense management.

PayPense clients gain from our parent company’sestablished, strong partnerships across the travel ecosystem. Leveraging proven APIs that serve clients worldwide, PayPense offers an End2End workflow for any kind of corporate travel journey.

PayPense also offers your company an option to define budgets for specific destinations before the trip is booked. Companies can manage better by driving alignment to allocations as defined by your unique policy, complete with confidence that the system will handle any additional travel related expenditures like per diems, mileage and other out of pocket expenses.

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